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Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.

I just posted an important, if entirely administrative – and honestly, absolutely obvious set of details about my writing here and elsewhere up on the Patreon, free for the reading. I'll embed a PDF here, but if there should be a revision on the Patreon version, the Patreon version is to be considered correct unless… Continue reading Administrative: An important administrative detail that needs to be explicit.

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⎇001JW In Nadir Vignettes: Judge Naught Month’s Promo

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Only then I discover this cur has telepathically leached off my pain and aesthetic might in an effort of purest chicanery!

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⎇001JW Emergence Vignette: The Interrogation

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“I’ve compromised their security system,” Nightstick said, quietly. “The feeds won’t show us in there, and Carter will be tied up in red tape for at least seventeen minutes. The door’s locked and I’ve set a secondary lock-seal on this side to reinforce it. This is our window.”

“Gotcha.” Paragon took a deep breath. “I’ll take bad cop,” he said, after a moment.

Nightstick turned to look at Paragon.

“What? You said it yourself. We’re low on time.”

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On Call

Random day #2! Whoo hoo! Happy Thursday. This is a story I actually submitted to... hrm. Many, many magazines, back in the late nineties. Most were simply uninterested. One, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, was interested -- or so the rejection letter claimed -- but they'd bought a story with almost the same… Continue reading On Call