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Weekends: The October Myth Call!

We’re continuing the monthly tradition by soliciting the myths you want to see written. It’s a lot like how on Mythbusters they solicit fan requests on the site, only on Mythbusters they solicit urban legends that the fans want to watch the team debunk while blowing things up and possibly being injured in the process, while here you come up with questions or aspects of day to day life you’d like to have explained in wholly unscientific and fantastic ways. Also, I have all my hair and don’t own a beret.

Now, understand — if your myth doesn’t get told within the span of the month, that doesn’t mean we throw the myth away. I’m still going back through all the myth calls to see what one to cover next in our little journeys through the lands of legend. But it’s still fun to see new and exciting myths being solicited. So get in on the fun!

Please. It’s lonely here without you.

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