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Weekends: The August Myth Call!

Hey all! Sorry there was no weekend open mike last week. Nor yesterday, as I was working a 13 hour day on my day off.

I know. You all feel just terrible for me, right?

Well, I’m still working my way through the last open call for myth suggestions, but I enjoyed getting them so much — and there’s been enough attention since then — that at least for now I think I’ll make that a monthly feature!

So! Though I’m not discounting the myths in the other open thread by any stretch, if you’ve thought of a new one or just want to chime in, go for it! Talk about what myths you’d like to see — myths in the form of something relatively concrete are best: “why is the sky over Los Angeles yellow/grey” works better than “why is there pollution,” for example, because we can be lots more definite about a specific, and people seem to like the definite stories.

That also fits the classic myth structure better. Things like “why is their lightning” is answered very simply. “Thor is throwing his hammer while Zeus tries to outdo him with a lightning bolt.” On the other hand, “why did Crete get hit by an Earthquake” gives us tons of stuff about Daedulus and Icarus flying near the sun while queens have sex with bulls and Theseus forgets to change the sails on his boat and women get abandoned and so on and so forth. Lots of crunchy detail there!

Let me know! And let me know what you think of the myths in general so far! And, you know, sound off!

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