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Weekends: Navigational!

I am in Ottawa this weekend, which doesn’t stop you from sounding off! And here’s the action topic!

We’re now in a situation where there are several multipart stories that are running here over Banter Lattes, no whip, with a shot of sugar free hazelnut. This includes some of the most popular stuff on the site. However, some folks are beginning to notice… well, some difficulty in reading them sequentially, because the blog navigation is designed to go to the next post instead of the next entry in that specific story.

Now, right now someone can use the category archives to follow along, at least on some of the stories, but that may not be ideal. So. How would folks want to navigate on stories like “Interviewing Leather” or The Old Ways, given their druthers? Webcomics style “first, next, last” link buttons? A serial-specific link page to the chapters? Some kind of pie-based medium?

Let me know, and keep looking up, Stargazers and Star Hustlers. Jack Horkheimer demands it.

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