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NEWS: Triple Pentad Day/Week/whatever! They’re significant. No one said they were timely.

So, thanks to a number of factors, Triple Pentad stuff’s been delayed (though we got some stuff done on the day, so that’s always a good thing. And of course, it’s double Pentad all month, and we can keep going regardless. Hey, I created the holiday and event — no one gets to tell me how it runs.

That said! There’s stuff that should go out today (on my next work break – day job comes first, obviously). Greenhorn‘s Amazon publication will probably push to the weekend, though that shouldn’t affect the launch of the dead tree/eBook version of Interviewing Leather: The Todd Chapman Interview and Being the Steve (or ‘Interviewing Leather‘ as sane people call it) on schedule.

In the meantime, bearing in mind that of the initial Omnipedia Release of the Pentad of Guardians entries, the first two:

…are indeed up and ready to be read, along with a few other bits of functionality. In particular, as I mentioned elsewhere, if you should see something in purpleOmnipedia PopupClicking on one of these entries should cause a tooltip to pop up, with some very basic explanations as to what you're looking at. Click again to dismiss it. And yes it should work on mobile!, you should be able to get a bit of immediate context without (hopefully) disrupting the flow of things.

Anyway, thanks as always!

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