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Justice Wing: Emergence #1 on Patreon

Justice Wing: Emergence #1 is now up at Patreon in its first beta draft form. This is the first Patreon-to-Amazon specific ongoing serial, and it takes place at the dawn of the heroic era in the Justice Wing universe. I’m pretty happy to begin finally telling some of these stories, starting with the first arc “On the Threshold:”

Chad Keillor is a recent college graduate just getting started, having moved into an apartment with his best friend (and ex girlfriend) Cindy Calloway in a working class neighborhood of Crown City. Cindy is one of the few to know Chad has amazing abilities far beyond those of other citizens, and isn’t too happy with Chad’s intended use of those powers. Meanwhile, reporters Barbara Babcock and Teddy Porter have a solid story pulled by their editor, and need to find an excuse to keep digging out the truth — while Crown City begins to tell stories of strange and even miraculous happenings in their city, while other remarkable people find themselves moving into new situations that could change the world. And while all this is happening… out in space a mysterious device yanks the 15.7 km asteroid (do9541) Akane out of its orbit, flinging it at terrifying speeds on an ultimate collision course with the planet Earth… a planet on the threshold of a new, exciting, and dangerous age indeed…

Justice Wing: Emergence pretty much follows the traditional comic book model of serialization, with specific story arcs and Levitz Grids and planning taking place. This first arc focuses on Paragon and his cast — including Barbara Babcock, who’s happily sitting above this post — while touching on several other Justice Wing members.

If “Interviewing Leather” tells a story of a world that’s had decades to get used to super powers and near-destruction, Justice Wing: Emergence tells the story of that world right at the beginning, when super heroes are found in comic books and the line between fantasy and reality is quite clear.

Patrons of my patreon at the $5 can read the rough draft now, with the final going direct to Amazon.

Meanwhile, with this finally out I can get some things posted here…

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