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We’ve added a few links to the sidebar, for those who might be interested. That includes various Alexandra Erin project links, and a link to Mason Kramer’s new 1Kaday — Mason’s vowed to do 1,024 words a day through the year, and coined his own term for a post that’s exactly 1,024 words long: the kayble. Which is like a drabble, which itself is a post that is exactly 100 words long. The kayble is exactly 1,024 words, which fits his needs perfectly.

I like experimental writing. I always have. I’ve been enjoying Anacrusis for years now, for example. I think the kayble might be a good ‘stepping stone’ between drabbles and actual short stories, and when I get my writing a little more under control (right now, I’m way off script, doing actual composition on things like “Interviewing Leather” when the idea was myth on Monday, new story or vignette on Wednesday, novel chapter on Friday. Ah well, I figure no one’s complaining) I might employ the kayble form for some of the Wednesday work. (Or even for some of the myths. That seems like an ideal size for such things.

So, if you enjoy delicious fiction, here are some new places for you to… um… enjoy delicious fiction.

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