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Weekend: Environment! (Not about recycling or trees.)

Mrph. Not really awake in any sense of the word, but it’s already the afternoon so I should be awake.

So, we’re back on inspiration, this week. Specifically, ambiance. When you’re doing those things you do because you like to do things (write, paint, draw, Sudoku, whatever floats your boat and stimulates your mind), what kind of environment do you like to do it in? Do you like quiet? Do you like chaos and noise? If so, what variety — a cafe with music? A lunchroom? A gang war?

Do you have snacks or beverages? Do you use headphones and blot out the world? If so, what’s playing on them?

For me, while I can often write just about anywhere, I’d say my best case scenario involves a cafe environment. Music optional, but I’m picky about noise — Quiet and unobtrusive is fine, or so loud that it all becomes white noise is okay. The middle range between the two extremes drives me freaking batty.

Generally, coffee or tea or a latte is indicated. It’s always hard to admit drug addiction, but caffeine very much fuels the creative process for me. Give me a good caffeine high and you’ll get me totally in the zone.

So how about you? Sound off!

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