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Pentad of Guardians

Omnipedia: The Pentad of Guardians

Justice Wing Supergroup

The Pentad of Guardians


Shooting Star (leader)


Independent (Emergence Era)
The Excelsiors (Halcyon Days Era)
Justice Wing Affiliate Status (In Nadir Era)

Base of Operations

Pentad of Guardians Headquarters, Catarins, Empire City


Active (Emergence Era, Halcyon Days Era)
Unofficially Active (Apocalypse Agenda)
Semi-Active (In Nadir Era)

The PentadOmnipedia PopupA pentad is a group or set of five. In Justice Wing terms, a pentad usually refers to a 'five-person group' where each member fits a certain trope: the leader, the jovial strong one, the cynic, the tech, and the sympathetic one. In Justice Wing, they are often color coded gold, red, black, green, and blue. of Guardians was a superhero team founded in the early Emergence Era in Empire City, New York. As their name implies, they consisted of five heroes – their high powered leader Shooting Star (representing the green pentad point), the cheerfully titanic Topaz (representing the gold pentad point), the gentle healer and trickster Hearth (representing the red pentad point), the mighty, acerbic Antonym (representing the black pentad point), and the high flying Jet-Propelled Girl Jetgirl (representing the blue pentad point). Having been formed during the Skyquake, the Pentad of Guardians were among the first truly community-oriented superhero teams, and ultimately all five became founding members of the Excelsiors.

As with the rest of the Excelsiors, the Pentad of Guardians officially dissolved in the early days of the , and their surviving members became affiliate members of , though through it all their first allegiance remained the Pentad of Guardians.

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