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The Dark Gods of Greystone are a semi-official title given to those villains who have reached at least fourth tier working primarily out of Greystone City and generally acting (depending on era) as ”nemeses” or even ”rogues” to Nightstick, The First Cudgel, The Second Cudgel, The Third Cudgel, or Shillelagh.

There are generally two different groups the term refers to — the generalized term meaning “recognized villains working out of Greystone City” and “the first tier villains most associated with Greystone City. The second definition usually refers back to the original four kingpins of Greystone Crime: Lady Velvet, the Buzzard, the Cypher, and the Jack O'Knaves. During the In Nadir era, some other of Greystone’s more infamous names, like Decypher or Lady Violet are sometimes mentioned among the top rank, while others claim that the Cypher’s eventual reformation and death or Lady Velvet’s reformation or retirement constituted their expulsion from the group. (Said others? Have a tendency to suffer certain repercussions, generally from Decypher or Lady Violet but occasionally from the Jack or the Buzzard themselves.) In the Emergence and Halcyon Days era, the name seemed mostly like a typically over the top villain group name. After the Apocalypse Agenda, the name seemed ominously descriptive.

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