Punching Down Cast List and In-Universe Cultural References

Punching Down Cast of Characters This is a list of characters and other in-universe elements of Defining Leather: Punching Down. Cast List Starring Tad Gilstone: A former road comic and character actor now best known for producing low cost light entertainment for extended tier cable via his production company Riot Laugh Productions. Popular for his roguish… Continue reading Punching Down Cast List and In-Universe Cultural References

Apocalypse Agenda

This is a disambiguation page for Apocalypse Agenda. This could refer to: Apocalypse Agenda (Era): One of the four basic eras of Justice Wing's Age of Heroes, representing the 'Crisis' company crossover events of comics. Justice Wing: Apocalypse Agenda (Imprint/Series): A collective imprint or prefix for the Justice Wing stories set during the Apocalypse Agenda's Era.… Continue reading Apocalypse Agenda


Omnipedia: The Skyquake For the building where the Skyquake took place, see . For the supergroup forged in the Skyquake experiment at the apex of the tower, see . For the supergroup forged while evacuating the base of the tower, see . For the supervillain who underwent during an experiment performed by , see .… Continue reading Skyquake


Omnipedia: Dorian Hwan (Hwan Yong-Jin - 煥용진 or 환용진) Dorian Hwan is a medical doctor and powerful healing mage, as well as being the superhero called Hearth. Hwan was a biology major at SUNY-Empire before attending Medical School at the (then) Mount Sinai School of Medicine during the . While a medical student, Hwan ended up… Continue reading Hearth

Pentad of Guardians

Omnipedia: The Pentad of Guardians The  of Guardians was a superhero team founded in the early in As their name implies, they consisted of five heroes – their high powered leader (representing the green pentad point), the cheerfully titanic (representing the gold pentad point), the gentle healer and trickster (representing the red pentad point), the… Continue reading Pentad of Guardians


Omnipedia: Mandalora Hartley Shapiro Mandalora Hartley Shapiro was a law student at Columbia during the when she ended up rushing into at the start of the . Though she was able to help evacuate civilians, she was caught in the backlash and placed in a where she was an aspirant in the main temple of… Continue reading Antonym


Omnipedia Entry: Virginia Duncan-Purcell (The Debutante, Debutante, Ginny Duncan-Purcell, and Gilly Purcell also redirect to this page.) Virginia 'Ginny' Duncan-Purcell, after being exposed to one of Lady Velvet's alchemical potions, had her age frozen at 19 and powerful regeneration which she used to become the villain known as the Debutante, who was active in the… Continue reading Debutante