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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather Revised #2

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“Cut either the heroes or the villains out of the equation, and you have one guy in tights showing up to do police work. It’s stupid. It looks ridiculous. But give a hero a villain and it becomes... I dunno. Cultural. It makes sense. If I’m there, and I’m robbing the bank, and I’m wearing bondage gear and making bad puns? Of course it makes sense that Darkhood shows up and shoots epoxy-spraying arrows at me. The absurdity cancels each other out.”

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“Being the Steve” rough draft on Patreon

Every supervillain heist needed a Steve -- a henchman who scoped the area ahead of the job, gave the all clear, watched for police or heroic intervention, and stayed clear and un-arrested so he could make the call to the Service if the villain and other henches were arrested. The Service would then clear out… Continue reading “Being the Steve” rough draft on Patreon