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⎇001JW In Nadir Pentad of Guardians: Transposition #1

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Dedicated to Chris Meadows
Clear skies, hot jets, and good hunting, R_M.

Jetgirl stared. “Why are you being so blasé about all this? I mean, these people are in danger and if she’s taking everyone hostage to find some lost sprocket I can’t imagine we should let her find it.”

“It’s bad form to leap into local affairs uninvited,” Hearth replied, lightly. “And they’re looking for the 'Silver Spoke Cog,' not a sprocket.”

“I will wire you ten thousand dollars today if you can correctly define the difference between a cog and a sprocket, right here and right now, without looking it up on your phone first.”

“Well, I know Cogsworth sold cogs and Spacely sold sprockets on the Jetsons. How much is that worth?"

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⎇001JW Justice Wing Emergence: RTV Closeup on the Pentad of Guardians #1

RTW – Rock the World Television! – and RTV NEWS presents RTV News Closeup: The Pentad of Guardians! Meet Empire City's newest heroes and learn their secret origins! (Transcript.)

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather: Being the Steve #1

“One day?” Marco asked. He paused. “Oh shit, you got a bite.”

“A bite?” the brown haired bagman asked.

Leather beamed. “Yes I did, Marco! Yes I did! That brings me to the next item on the agenda…

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Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes for Greenhorn #4

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The Patreon Exclusive Notes and Worldbuilding returns, bringing us to Greenhorn #4. Spoilers for that, “Diverged in a Wood,” “Forebears,” and some other stuff so be warned.

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather Revised #8

“Or sometimes it’s just… it’s just what they do, and I have no idea why. I mentioned Bandolier? He loves Paramount City. And he really wants to kill the Beacon, but he’s also… he’s a friend and I don’t want to bag on him, but he’s… protective of her. He hates her but doesn’t want to hear shit about her. I know it’s not sexual or romantic or stalker-twisted-things-its-romantic. I just don’t know what it actually is. It’s like… rival baseball teams, only it’s a hero and villain and the villain builds a lot of deathtraps.”

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⎇001JW Halcyon Days: Motivation #6


“I came out there for my sister’s funeral, and to help wrap up her final affairs. And you know what I found out?”

“What did you find out?” Bryce asked, quietly.

“I found out that Julie was... the smartest person ever. And she was nice and kind and never forgot how to sew. She liked to cross stitch and she looked good in peasant dresses and I watched a Chief Technology Officer break down and cry over her, and... and the thing of it is, no one cares. To everyone else? She was just... an appendage. Something strapped to the Artifact to give him depth or some kind of... Jesus. Backstory.”

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather Revised #7

“Look, I know it’s vigilante justice, but there’s a right way and a wrong way, you know? I can’t just go crack skulls because they might be selling drugs. I have to have more than that. If I don’t, then there’s too much of a chance of screwing up – of hurting someone because I don’t like their looks. There are words for that, and I don’t like those words at all. Nuh-uh. No thank you.”

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather Revised #6

“I don’t want to have to rescue you, Chapman. I’m not going out there to rescue you or perform for you. I’m going out to fight crime. And believe it or not? That’s not easy and that’s not safe. Not for me, not for innocent bystanders, not for idiot reporters, and not even for the criminals I’ll be taking down. And if you go waltzing around playing out your Truncheon fantasies, you might get hurt. You might get killed. Or? You might get me hurt or killed. And more likely than either of those? You might get some innocent bystander hurt or killed.”

She stepped back, her eyes still intense as lasers as they burned into mine. “Get this in your head, Chapman. We’re. Not. Getting. Anyone. Killed.”

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⎇001JW Interviewing Leather Revised #5

"Leather's a cool boss. If we keep our noses clean for a few weeks? Then she'll forgive us and the next time we fuck up it'll be another speech. But, y'know, if we fuck up before that? She wasn't kidding last night. She's got no sense of perspective. She will burn your house to the ground and laugh while she's doing it." He laughed. "She doesn't always look crazy or sound crazy, but trust me, man. She's crazy."