Becoming Leather - Greenhorn

Before she could be a successful third tier villain and thief, the parahuman called Leather had to learn her felonious trade. Catching the eye of a first tier archvillain, Leather is recruited into Anchor’s Marines. Can she step up? Or will she be just another failed greenhorn?


Captain Liam Corbett is a captain aboard a Confederation starship. He has had a stellar career and never failed in his duty. If you asked anyone, they’d insist that Liam Corbett was one of a kind.

Unfortunately, that turns out to be wrong.

The Confederate mass transmitter can instantly move cargo or people from one place to another in a wave of energy. It’s in use all over the Confederation, with millions of people transmitting as a matter of course. Only when Captain Corbett transmits to the surface of a planet in search of necessary materials to save his ship… he finds himself in a limbo-like world inhabited by the unmourned dead… because every time a living being transmits they’re instantly killed and a new being and soul with their memories appears at the destination.

Liam Corbett thought he was one of a kind. He never expected to be the eight hundred and seventy-seventh Liam Corbett and counting,

Interviewing Leather - Being the Steve

The Steve is a professional nobody. Trained to blend into any crowd, watch for law enforcement or heroes, warn the villain and henches he works for and with if there should be trouble, and call the support services if they’re arrested. The villain called Leather’s assigned Steve is good at what he does and likes the pay she earns, even if he doesn’t actually like her very much. But all that — and the Steve’s understanding of his job, Leather, the Service, and the Steve himself — comes into question when Leather decides to kidnap a reporter for a week’s worth of interview…

Interviewing Leather Revised

⎇001JW – revised and updated for the Justice Wing universe’s continuity!

Todd Chapman is a D-list music journalist writing for a C-list magazine, dreaming of becoming the next Gore Vidal or Hunter S. Thompson but getting nowhere fast. But, when the opportunity comes to interview a third tier supervillain with an alt-model chic, Chapman discovers the hidden society, economics, and services behind modern villain operations… and discovers that the villain called Leather isn’t exactly what he expected…

Interviewing Trey

Second Volume of the Todd Chapman Interviews

Things have been good for Todd Chapman in the roughly twelve years since he first interviewed the villain Leather. The original article was a sensation, which led to a followup book called Low Society where he interviewed more third and fourth tier villains. At this point, interviewing a villain was just another day on the job… until the insane stage magician and legendary first tier supervillain the Jack O’Knaves kills Chapman’s current interview subject and kidnaps Chapman. Now Chapman has been trapped in the literal underground casino called Dispater’s Pit with only a hostile hench called Trey as his guide. The Jack says he wants Chapman to write a book, but all Chapman knows is the Jack O’Knaves always has a plan… and very few people caught up in the Jack’s plans survive the experience.

Justice Wing Emergence

The alternate universe coded ⎇001JW has always been home to some strange events, but they were always mysteries and hidden truths. All that changed the day the world almost ended, and a man in blue — a Paragon of strength — flew into the skies on national television. This is the story of Justice Wing’s Emergence.

Justice Wing Emergence Anthology

Short stories, one-offs, and other stories set during the Emergence Area in alternate universe ⎇001JW (Justice Wing).

Justice Wing Halcyon Days

The alternate universe coded ⎇001JW had years of shock and wonder as Paragons and Goddesses rose into the skies, malefic villains opposed them, and aliens and magical beings became a part of daily life. This was the golden age of heroism, when the public was dazzled by these new, glorious icons… and society tried desperately to keep up. This is the story of Justice Wing’s Halcyon Days.

Justice Wing Halcyon Days: Motivation

For years the hero known as the Artifact has protected Evergreen City and the Earth with the power of the Consanguineous Assay — an alien device capable of rebuilding itself into any machine its wielder can imagine.

Then the Artifact’s fiancée Julia Kelly was brutally murdered, purely to strike at the Artifact.

Now Julia Kelly’s sister Emily Smith, alongside Landon Moore — aka the Artifact — have to wrap up the loose ends of Julia’s life, even as the rest of the world only seems to care about what the Artifact will do in response. Can they celebrate Julia’s life? Or will Julia Kelly’s death just end up as the Artifact’s motivation?

Justice Wing In Nadir: Transposition

In the years since the Apocalypse Agenda, the surviving Pentad of Guardians has dispersed. Keira Holt — aka the high flying Jetgirl — has focused on her aerospace company, and let her training, maintenance, and upkeep of her heroic identity slip. When she attends a trade show in Oghapogue, New Mexico, she’s surprised when her Pentad teammate Dorian Hwan — aka the Pentad’s magical healer Hearth — insists on coming along. Keira learns why when the pair are taken hostage by a pirate kitsune called Kit O’Six-Tails, only to be rescued by Transposition Troopers Turbine Triumph — the latest team of color coded Transposition Troopers, who to Keira’s shock wear uniforms clearly based on Jetgirl.

After everything that’s happened… does the world still need a Jetgirl? And if they do… aren’t there six more ready to take her place? And can Keira still help when for the first time in her heroic career she’s caught entirely unprepared?

Justice Wing In Nadir: Vilify 5 (revised)

Part of Justice Wing In Nadir. Revised for alternate universe ⎇001JW’s continuity!

Years ago, alchemist Elle Chemical was the sensual seductress of sin known as the Lady Velvet — one of the original Dark Gods of Greystone City who bedeviled Nightstick and Cudgel before the Apocalypse Agenda turned everything upside down. Now in retirement, Elle works the villain fan convention circuit, selling hand-blended cosmetics and finding camaraderie among other former villains that time passed by. However, a new ex-villain named Refraction has attended the fifth Vilify convention, bringing a decidedly modern mindset with him, forcing Elle and the others to confront what villainy means in an era of destruction… all while trying to make an oddly honest living. But then, it was all just business, dahling.

Justice Wing Music

There’s actually quite a bit of music native to the Justice Wing universe. Here’s some of it. (Well, at least the lyrics.)

Justice Wing Vignettes

Short stories and experiments from across the entire Justice Wing timeline.


Andrea ‘Andi’ Gannett-Moore was a pretty typical Grade 9 student, even if she was sent from her native Britain to a boarding school in the United States. She loved sports and activity, had a slightly snide sense of humor, and wasn’t exactly the best student at her school.

And then one day Andi started getting all the answers right. She started recognizing patterns. She remembered almost every moment of her life and could correlate them. She could learn complex skills in minutes by sheer intuition. Out of nowhere, Andi Gannett-Moore had become the smartest human being on Earth… but not by accident. Now Andi’s in a race to learn how to effectively use her new gifts even as shadowy forces seek to make her a weapon… or something even worse.

Mythic Heroes

Stories of the Mythic Heroes alternate universe, including tales of the mystery men who guarded the American Home Front in World War II, the government’s response to the new superhuman populace, and a very large fish.

Patreon Exclusive: Worldbuilding and Notes

Annotations, behind-the-scenes information and worldbuilding for patrons of the Patreon!


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