Banter Latte’s going to try to adhere to certain schedules, mostly so that I have that visceral joy of having regularly updating content. Mostly, this means that I’m going to schedule stuff as it comes out of my head, so that rather than flooding content on one day and going silent the next, it’ll come out slowly and naturally. Like churning butter, without the disturbing connotations for the Amish.

Here’s the basic schedule of events!

Open/Random: The Mythology of the Modern World
A whimsical look at modern mythologies, mostly made up on the spot under the influence of heavy caffeine.
Mondays: Corbett-877
Liam Corbett was the captain of the A.F.S. Vigilant, an Alliance Starship dedicated to exploration, diplomacy and defense. For decades he had made his mark on his universe, until he used a matter transmitter to travel to a mission… and discovered that every time someone matter-transmitted, they were killed and a new being was created in their place. Now in an afterlife city called Purgatory, Corbett discovers he’s the eight hundred and seventy-seventh duplicate of the original, with a hundred years of afterlife ahead of him and no prospects to speak of. 

Wednesdays: Lovelace 1/2
The story of a young girl named Andi, who discovers neither she nor her world isn’t exactly what she thought when she spontaneously develops a superhuman intellect. She learns that there are other talented out in her world, and those talented were in a war with one another decades before. The question is… was Andi herself meant to be a weapon in the next war?
Fridays: Justice Wing/Interviewing Trey
Interelated stories of the Justice Wing universe — in particular Interviewing Trey, the story of writer Todd Chapman, who discovers that being a successful writer can sometimes lead to places he might not prefer.
Weekends: Myth Calls and Audience Participation
Soliciting requests for new myths, which are used to form the Mythology of the Modern World. There are also sometimes other conversational topics posted.

Beyond that, there’ll be some random stuff thrown here and there, often on Tuesdays or Thursdays, but nothing specifically scheduled.

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