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Andrea Gannett-Moore was almost never called that. Her friends and almost everyone else called her ‘Andi’ unless she were in trouble, and since traveling across an ocean to attend Brooks-Carillon Academy in Brunswick, Maine in the United States. The London born Andi was used to boarding schools, of course — she had been in them essentially all her life, rarely if ever seeing her parents. And, every time she was moved to a new school, she was sent further and further away from London.

Now 15 years old and near the end of her Freshman year, Andi was a decent enough student academically and a dedicated student athlete, though in the Spring she had to give cricket up for lacrosse. She had friends, teased boys (and everyone else), and generally got by, save in Algebra where she struggled at best.

And then one day Andi Gannett-Moore walked into an Algebra test convinced she would fail, and wrote down the right answers as fast as she could scribble, without even really noticing that was what she was doing.

Suddenly able to recall every instant of her life from three years old on, identify patterns, process maths and mysteries, learn languages and dialects almost instantly, interpret literature and draw inferences… Andi found herself accused of cheating and lying until it became clear that no — somehow she had become not just the smartest student at Brooks-Carillon Academy, but possibly the smartest human being alive.

Now, Andi had to figure out what was happening to her — and meeting the Texan Queen of a kingdom in the land of dreams made it clear that the world was a much stranger… and more sinister… place than she could have imagined. A world where wars were sometimes fought in the shadows… and Andi herself had been made as a weapon in that war.

Now, with her family exposed as part of something far more sinister and those adults at Brooks-Carillon Academy who cared the most about Andi almost certainly dead, Andi has gone on the run — looking for answers and sanctuary — and sworn that whatever made her would never reap the benefits, even if that meant her own death.

All in all, she is very cross.

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