Mythic Heroes/023SG

There are infinite alternate universes – altiverses – in the multiversal construct called Ninespace. One such altiverse is tagged 023SG by the Sentinubal that tracks and protects Ninespace. Like many of the altiverses, there is a planet called Earth in 023SG, and like a smaller but still significant number of those altiverses, there are people… Continue reading Mythic Heroes/023SG

Interviewing Trey

Story in Progress! In this sequel to Interviewing Leather, rock journalist Todd Chapman has become better known for being a supervillain (and superhero) journalist. After the successful publication of his article "Interviewing Leather" in Amplifer magazine, Chapman traveled the country, talking to third and fourth tier villains and the heroes associated with them -- the results becoming… Continue reading Interviewing Trey