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Time Zones and the Witching Hour.

This entry is part 5 of 25 in the series The Mythology of the Modern World

Today we've got a couple of sources for our myth -- one old and one new. One from last month, with old friend PlaidPhantom, who asks: Here's one, since I'm on vacation right now: what's the deal with time zones? The other is from back in 2007, when Super Prattle Droid asked: How do time… Continue reading Time Zones and the Witching Hour.

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From the Vault: Langue

Another fragment. Another incomplete story. Distinctive this time because A) I have absolutely no recollection of writing it (though it's clearly something I wrote) and B) I have absolutely no idea where I was going with it. But it seems interesting to me. In a way, it's more stock than a lot of what I've… Continue reading From the Vault: Langue

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A Judgment of History

For those tired of In Nomine fan fiction, I offer up this Nobilis fan fiction, for this our Random Thursday. Nobilis is one of the primary influences on my Mythology series, though it is (generally) a darker take on it. Humanity mixes with the divine, assuming Estates and powers, and entering into a very genteel… Continue reading A Judgment of History

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Death is a Moving Target

Not too long ago, David Malki !, Ryan North and Matthew Bennardo put out a call of submissions for a new high concept short story collection called Machine of Death. The concept was simple. A machine had been invented that would give a simple, albeit mysterious, answer to the question "how am I going to… Continue reading Death is a Moving Target

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Antonio: The Calabite’s Song

It's storytelling day! And this is a bit different for it -- this is an In Nomine piece -- a bit of fan fiction. And who's to say I can't post some fan fiction now and again? It's long -- novella length, around twelve thousand words. Normally, I'd break it into more than one part… Continue reading Antonio: The Calabite’s Song

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Gossamer Reflections: Whisperdance

It's Storytelling day, and so here's a story for you, the kids at home. It's the first of my short Gossamer Reflections stories. The laws of Gossamer Commons are universal ones, and they're harsh. Here's a brief story on that theme. *** *** *** *** It was getting on towards dinnertime, and Caleb was pretty… Continue reading Gossamer Reflections: Whisperdance