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Lovelace½ #4

Part four of Lovelace 1/2. I've been enjoying the speculation of the limits of Andi's new abilities. There's some good meat for that discussion in this one -- I think, at least. As well as the seeds of... well, what's going to come next. Enjoy! Andi stared. "What did you say?" "I said you played that… Continue reading Lovelace½ #4

Fantasy, Lovelace, Science Fiction, Serial

Lovelace½ #3

And now, part three of Lovelace 1/2. So far folks seem to like the story, and that's awesome. This part is a hair shorter -- it's hard, sometimes, to end on a dramatic beat, as a serial requires, and still make it a heavy length. That said, I'm sure there are plenty of people that are… Continue reading Lovelace½ #3

Fantasy, Lovelace, Science Fiction, Serial

Lovelace½ #2

Part two of the new ongoing story Lovelace 1/2. Folks seemed to like Andi the last time out, which is very cool. I should mention something right at the outset. I work at a private school myself -- some of the details at Brooks-Carillon comes from my school. However, the location of the school -- just… Continue reading Lovelace½ #2

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Lovelace½ #1

On Wednesdays we'll be presenting stories. Which, you know, isn't materially different from Mondays, where we present stories, or Friday, where we present stories. We're kind of a story operation, if you think about it. However, Mondays we specifically present myth. Fridays are devoted (at least for the moment) to serials and one-shots in the Justice… Continue reading Lovelace½ #1

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From the Vault: Langue

Another fragment. Another incomplete story. Distinctive this time because A) I have absolutely no recollection of writing it (though it's clearly something I wrote) and B) I have absolutely no idea where I was going with it. But it seems interesting to me. In a way, it's more stock than a lot of what I've… Continue reading From the Vault: Langue

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The Old Ways, Chapter Five

And here, we have ourselves at Chapter Five -- the last written chapter. There is about half of Chapter Six written, and then no more of The Old Ways, at least so far. Will there be more? I guess that depends on what people think. Let me know what you think of this particular chapter,… Continue reading The Old Ways, Chapter Five

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The Old Ways, Chapter Four

And so we hit Chapter Four of The Old Ways. It seems to be gathering some fans, which is nice. Among those fans is my father, who's also a big fan of Theftworld. I think some depth comes into play in this one. For the record, as of yesterday we'd broken 200,000 words on this… Continue reading The Old Ways, Chapter Four

Fantasy, Incomplete

The Old Ways, Chapter Three

Here we have Chapter Three. Some of the feedback's been quite amazing, and I'm really glad to get it. I get the feeling a number of people like The Old Ways, at least in theory, but the execution is a bit off. On the other hand, I think this chapter begins to move more towards… Continue reading The Old Ways, Chapter Three


The Old Ways, Chapter One

I don't know whether or not this will become a regular updated serial like "Interviewing Leather" or Theftworld or not. Once upon a time I'd thought to make a novel of this, but I'm not sure today whether I will or not. It's a very different kind of work for me, really. I guess it… Continue reading The Old Ways, Chapter One

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Dreamers (a fragment)

This is a story fragment -- one I wrote in the mid 1990's. I assume. It's in my style. It's in my files. It's definitely one of mine from the Kinko's years. And I have absolutely no memory of it. It's not impossible it was something I discussed with my friend Mason Kramer, or perhaps… Continue reading Dreamers (a fragment)

Fantasy, Short Story

Automotive Care

It's Storytelling day, and I have a short story for you all. This one is about a year old. I finished it and sent it off on the rounds to the usual suspects. No one nibbled, and I'm not sure I can blame them. But still, it's grist for the mill, right? This is fantasy… Continue reading Automotive Care