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⎇001JW In Nadir Pentad of Guardians: Transposition #3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Justice Wing In Nadir: Transposition

“Are you nuts!?” Orville shouted. “Are you seriously about to call down an orbital strike on yourself!?

“Please,” Jetgirl muttered, kicking into full burn. “Sky-eye’s at ten thousand feet at the most. It’s hardly Low Earth Orbit. This is just a garden variety energy-weapon airstrike.”

The alternate universe the Sentinubal has tagged ⎇001JW first saw parahumanity emerge decades before. These new super heroes and villains, epitomized by the group called Justice Wing, quickly captured the public’s imagination and love, and for years they managed to only grow in popularity. After the wholesale destruction of the Apocalypse Agenda, where one of the founding members betrayed Justice Wing and devastation struck every continent on Earth, that popularity melted away. Now, the unenhanced prosahumans and non-super parahumans have put far more pressure on Justice Wing and other heroes, with no sign of that pressure letting up. This is Justice Wing In Nadir.
For years, the Pentad of Guardians were a mainstay of Empire City and the Excelsiors. Now, years after their greatest battle, the four remaining members have long since scattered. However, when Dorian Hwan — aka the bright burning Hearth — accompanied Keira Holt — aka Jetgirl — to Oghapogue, New Mexico for a trade show, the pair ended up being confronted by a Renegade Kitsune called Kit O’Six-Tails, along with a mechanical army of clockclick warriors and a heavy clockclick called Grunk. Jetgirl and Hearth found themselves fighting alongside the high flying Transposition Troopers Turbine Triumph, a team of color coded warriors empowered by the Transposition Matrix inspired by Jetgirl herself. After a hard battle, Grunk was defeated in a massive explosion, and the day was saved… or so they thought. Now, the escaping Kit O’Six-Tails had revived the robot, expanding it to skyscraper sized, threatening Oghapogue with a much greater threat than before!


Part Three

Oghapogue, New Mexico

Kit O’Six-Tails leapt up and blurred into nothingness as the Troopers and Guardians faced the new threat. “Wait,” Jetgirl said. “Wait just a minute! We blew him up! He exploded!

“Oh man, that is one ugly giant,” Hearth murmured.

“How does he exist after he exploded?” Jet demanded. “That’s not how explosions work! And why is he… big?!

“It happens a lot,” Turbine Black said.

“You get used to it,” Turbine Yellow said, sounding a bit resigned.

“Oh you so don’t get used to it,” Turbine Pink said.

“All right,” Turbine Yellow said. “I got used to it.”

“Used to it or not, we know what to do!” Turbine Red shouted. “Jetgirl saved us – now it’s our turn to clean up Grunk!” She lifted her left gauntlet up to her helmet, like she was using it as a wrist communicator. “Earhart! We need Topgun Tankopters now!

“Your overwatch is named Earhart?” Jetgirl asked. She then rolled her eyes. “What am I saying? Of course your overwatch is named Earhart.”

“It certainly is,” cut in a cheerful female voice over both the Troopers’ and Pentad’s comm channels. “Hello, Hearth and Jetgirl – welcome to our comm channels. Hope – Orville’s deploying Tankopters now!”

“Six jets, no waiting!” a male, slightly electronic-fuzzed voice said. “Ready when you are!”

“Let’s hit the open sky!” Turbine Red shouted, and the first five Troopers all leapt high into the air, perfectly intercepting a series of elaborate color coded fighter jets overhead.

Jetgirl heard them calling off over the comm channel. “Red Tomcat Topgun Tankopter! Checklist complete!”

“Blue Strike Eagle Topgun Tankopter! Checklist complete!”

“Pink Skymaster Topgun Tankopter! Checklist complete!”

“Blackbird Stealth Topgun Tankopter! Checklist complete!”

“Yellow Harrier Topgun Tankopter! Checklist complete!”

Violet Turbine Bombardier had taken to the sky as well. “Violet Super Starfighter Tankopter! Transpose into Violet Super Sabre Tankosoldier!” So saying, the sleek purple fighter she’d boarded split and folded into itself, becoming a giant robot that landed on the ground facing Grunk.

“Wait – the team inspired by me uses jets that turn into giant robots?” Jetgirl asked, a bit dazed, even as she began taking readings. “That’s a Cavalier thing! That is a full on, direct, Colin Church spinning in his grave Cavalier thing! And is Violet flying a Shooting Star, a Starfighter, or a Super Sabre? Because those are three different planes!”

“That’s what sticks out to you about all this?” Hearth said. “I’m pretty sure Boeing never saw the internals of a Tankopter.”

“The Super Sabre was First American Aviation,” Jetgirl muttered absently, distracted as she watched the fighters strafe Grunk. “That became Rockwell. The others were Lockheed-Martin. I mean, Rockwell got bought by Boeing eventually but that was decades later–”

“Turbine Topgun Tankopters unite!” the five core Troopers shouted over the comms. “Transpose into Air Superiority Tankosoldier!” The five planes seemed to break apart into components and start reassembling in midair, forming a multicolored giant robot the same size, more or less, as the Violet Super Sabre Tankosoldier. They were both just a bit shorter than Grunk, but they faced off against him at his own scale.

Jetgirl stared at the giant robots. “Yup, it’s official. Somewhere in the afterlife, Colin Church is looking down and laughing.” She frowned, tapping the channel open. “Hey Earhart – I appreciate you cutting us in on your comm traffic, but… to do that you had to hack into our comm traffic. That’s not exactly easy.”

“Air Superiority Bombard Punches!” the Troopers shouted in unison over the channel. High above, the Air Superiority Tankosoldier began to punch the giant automaton dozens of times in rapid succession.

“Oh, agreed,” Earhart said, still cheerfully. “But I’ve had reason to work on my radio skills. You only need to be burned once to avoid touching stoves.”

“Super Sabre Wild Blue Yonder Blade!” Violet Turbine Bombadier shouted, a sword forming in her Tankosoldier’s hand. She slashed with it, causing Grunk to be knocked back, sparks flying off his fuselage.

“We’ve got him on the ropes!” Turbine Red shouted.

“That’s what you think!” Grunk shouted in a booming, audible voice. Whether they were broadcasting on a PA or he was somehow hearing them Jetgirl didn’t know. “Heterodyne power!”

With a monumental surge of dark energy, Grunk was surrounded by a corona of power that blasted the the Tankosoldiers back and knocked them on their back with thunderous crashes.

“What?” Turbine Pink shouted. “He can use heterodyne energy at this size?”

“That’s new,” Turbine Yellow said, tightly.

“That’s bad,” Turbine Black said. “How do we fight that much power?”

“This… this is so not good,” Jetgirl murmured, looking up at the fight, trying to get sensor samples.

“And all we can do is watch and hope,” Hearth said, softly.

Jetgirl blinked. “What? Are you… you’re joking, right? Rath – giant monsters used to be our Tuesday thing.

Hearth blinked as well. “Well – yes, but I… that is… I mean… that’s not how the flow of these conflicts… the dangers involved–” He looked a little out-of-sorts. The pacifist doctor and mage operated in the realms of imagination and the arcane, but usually stuck to archetypes and tropes. He had a tendency towards ‘in-the-box’ thinking. He’d probably never even considered the possibility that Jetgirl could help fight.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jetgirl said, turning and walking into a clear area. “Giant evil bulbous robot fighting knight-like good robots. Most of this may have been new to me, but this?" Jetgirl slowly grinned. "This is finally Gundam!” She looked at her display. “Sky-eye – reload and resupply. Swap load four out and load six in. Acknowledge!”

“Acknowledged,” scrolled across her display. “Checklist initiated.”

“Go for audio,” Jetgirl murmured.

“Acknowledged,” the placid voice of Sky-eye said. “Warning.” A schematic of Jet’s base suit came up. “Multiple base suit systems registering yellow. Countdown hold initiated.”

“Acknowledge warning, override recommendation and resume checklist.”

“Acknowledged. System ready.”

“Deploy!” Jet looked over at the fight. It looked like the two Tankosoldiers were on the ropes, each trying to distract and get shots in on Grunk, but his power was just too intense.

A new ring slammed down around Jetgirl, and gyroscope-style waldos again deployed, even as Jet held her arms to her sides. Her cuirass, pauldrons, gauntlet turbines and greave/boot turbines all divided open and off, with new ones, laden with heavy ordinance and strike gear, were locked on in their place. “Three… two… one… launch.” Sky-eye said in her ear, and the magnetic catapult fired off, hurling Jetgirl high into the sky even as her turbines spun up and her jets kicked in. JG-235L6 Launch appeared on her display, and Jetgirl grinned.

“Give me a comprehensive scan,” Jetgirl shouted as she thundered towards the battle. “Cross-reference with material scans from the heavy clockclick fight!”

“Processing,” Sky-eye replied, and a schematic formed around the giant robot monster on Jet’s visor display, information filling out quickly. Blast it – Jet had hoped that the growth process had used some kind of filler mass – maybe even expanded molecular distances, which would have weakened Grunk’s fuselage. No such luck – it looked like the same material as small Grunk’s armor, only there was a lot more of it. Most of Jetgirl’s ordinance wouldn’t penetrate it.

“We need more firepower if we’re gonna junk Grunk!” Turbine Red shouted. “Let’s put it all together!”

The two Tankosoldiers split apart into components, reassembling into a much larger single mech even as Jetgirl approached. She kept scanning – new information scrolling… Grunk’s neck was a potential vulnerability. Jet began selecting target points based on the information.

The reassembly finished. “Flying Fortress Tankogeneral!” the six shouted, and then fired a hail of missiles at Grunk, who swatted them aside with the rest of that surge of heterodyne power.

Jetgirl had stopped being surprised. The moment they’d turned jets into robots she’d shunted the whole affair it over to the ‘Colin Church’ side of her brain, and nothing about Church had ever surprised her. “Flying Fortress? Jetgirl. Coming in hot with six foxes.” She chuckled. “Six tailed fox. Be ready!”

“Go for it!” Turbine Red shouted.

Jetgirl swept around Grunk, armor piercing missiles deployed three-apiece from her gauntlets. She banked and accelerated ahead of them, flying straight for Grunk’s face.

“What are you, a gnat?!” Grunk shouted, his voice almost overwhelmingly loud.

“Bad zaku!” Jetgirl shouted over her own PA, firing six max pulses into Grunk’s left optic chamber. “Naughty zaku!” she yelled again, firing six more pulses into the right optic chamber. “Inconvenient zaku!” she yelled a third time, firing off a max concussion onto the side of his head before soaring off behind the thing, getting enough room for an Immelmann to get going the other way.

“What are you talking about!” Grunk shouted, then yelped in pain as the six armor piercing missiles hit around his neck-joint with a boom boom boom boom ba-boom!

“Hey Grunk!” Jetgirl shouted over the PA, going full burn right at the back of his left knee joint. “You look tired! Why don’t you take a knee!?!” At the last possible second, Jetgirl fired a max-pulse into the joint and veered straight up along Grunk’s armor, taking a new series of scans as she went.

Grunk grunted in pain again, stumbling. “Lousy little– heterodyne power!

“Jetgirl!” Violet Turbine Bombardier shouted. “Get out of there!

Grunk’s heterodyne power surged out once more, this time engulfing the hero as she flew, the sheer output more than enough to blow her hundreds of feet away and high into the air.

For Jetgirl, the world was momentarily made out of darkness and pain, before her vision slowly cleared. Her turbojets were down and her suit had several scorch marks and even some wearthrough on the the top couple of layers showing grey system lines underneath. “Op- syst- flame- reset requi-” broken transmissions coming from Sky-eye said. “Rescue protocol 5…4…” appeared through the static of the visor display.

Jetgirl shook her head to clear it, which hurt but didn’t make her nauseous, so good enough. “Abort rescue protocol!” she shouted. Rescue would take her out of the fight for precious minutes. She didn’t know if the Troopers could hold out that long. “Prioritize reset!” She moved her arms and legs wide, creating as big a cross-section as she could to increase drag and slow her fall as much as possible.

Resetting: please wait was printed across her display. Through it and the static, she could see the ground moving toward her uncomfortably fast.

“Sky-eye, abort checklist and reset system,” Jetgirl said. It was taking longer–

–Jetgirl realized she wasn’t a hundred percent sure she’d optimized the reset after the last time she’d been in combat.

The ground kept getting closer. The wind around Jetgirl kept getting louder and harder. Resetting: please wait still glowed across her visor. She was falling straight for a street, civilians fleeing from her impact point as fast as they could.

“Sky-eye!” Jetgirl shouted.

JG-235L6 System Reset Complete. Proximity Alert appeared on the visor at what felt like the last possible second, even as her systems restarted and her jet turbines spun up. Jetgirl threw her arms and legs down and triggered a full burn. She started slowing but she was going too fast, the ground too close–

“Boost boost boost!” Jetgirl screamed. At no more than ten feet off the ground gauntlet and boot turbojets both supercharged,the exhaust going from moderate to nova intensity, the street pavement shattering and a bowl-crater being blasted out. Jetgirl screamed incoherently at the sheer force. In the end, she was somewhere between four feet and four inches off the ground before the boost reversed her direction and she flew straight up at thunderous speed.

“Jet! What’s wrong?” Hearth shouted over the comm.

“Pressure hit. G-forces,” Jetgirl managed to say. After the shot she’d taken from Grunk’s heterodyne power, her whole body hurt, and she was sure she had some cracked bones and possible internal injuries at least. “Sky-eye, give me an updated multi-spectral. What did we learn? What did we do?”

“But I thought you had all that gear! Those g-force compensators, the suit auto-going rigid to brace against high-gee maneuvers!”

“Yeah but the fleshy body inside the suit still has inertia! My spleen doesn’t like being squished into my calf! Sky-eye, display result!”

The display re-slotted the schematics over Grunk, points highlighting and registering. She saw the impact points of her armor piercing missiles. Blast it, whether or not they stung they got nowhere near deep enough to do real damage to Grunk. The rest of the schematic was a mess of quasiflux spectrum interference, following the waves and flow of Grunk’s heterodyne power inside and out. He was leaving it burning now, having managed to lock the Flying Fortress Tankogeneral up into a grapple, letting the heterodyne power burn through the mech’s armor. Blast it, even if she went to bombardment ordinance would it hit harder than the Tankogeneral? What could she even–

–wait a second… patterns and interference flowing with heterodyne power, in and out of Grunk’s systems…?

“Jet, get to my position,” Hearth said. “I’ll heal you best I can and then you can carry me to the fight. Maybe my magic can reinforce the Tankogeneral enough–”

“Shut up shut up shut up. I have an idea.” She scrolled through numbers. “…I think… I think I can nail this thing and cut that heterodyne power off! Flying Fortress – hold on! I’m coming!”

“Don’t… don’t worry about us,” Violet Turbine Bombardier managed to say. “We’re… we’re going to blow our generators. That’ll take out Grunk–”

“And you and a couple buildings with it! Hold! Trust me!” She adjusted systems. “Sky-eye! Prime solar lance, setting to target radio beacon on my mark!”

“Priming solar lance,” Sky-eye said placidly.

“Wait,” Orville said on comms, his metallic edged voice sounding dubious. “Are you saying you understand heterodyne power well enough to cut it off?”

“I’m an engineer,” Jetgirl said, a bit breathlessly after the effort and pain. God, when did she get so out of shape? “I don’t need to understand heterodyne power. I can see where it is in Grunk’s hardware, how it moves through that hardware, and what that hardware’s made of. I was guessing with the missiles. I know this.” She grinned, despite herself, and moved to swing around. “Sky-eye, lock in radio beacon ordinance on backrack two!”

Null Magazine appeared on the visor display.

“What? What do you mean–” Jetgirl winced. “The radio beacons were in load four. I swapped to load six. Blast it… stupid…”

“Jet, get over here and let me heal you!” Hearth shouted over the comms again.

Jetgirl blinked. Hearth! Right! “Belay that!” Jetgirl shouted. “Hearth, I need Airshow Defense – every bit of it you can give me!”

“Are you nuts?” Hearth shouted. “You can’t go back in there!”

“I’m going to do worse than that,” Jetgirl said. “Full suit seal! Sky-eye, prep solar lance to target radio positioning beacon JG-235L6!”

“Warning,” Sky-eye responded. “Procedure is not recommended. JG-235L6 is not rated to survive energy discharges of this type and magnitude.”

“Acknowledge! Override and lock in system. Overcharge solar lance and adjust lensing twelve points!” As she flew, Jetgirl’s hair-tie auto-pulled her hair in closer, even as it extended her helmet up and over her head to her forehead. A darker visor slid up, with a rebreather and ventilator following it and sealing shut. “Hearth! Coming in hot!”

Hearth muttered, but cast hurriedly. No power-name shouting or flourishes this time. Instead, he just created five separate pink rings high in the air, each crackling with pink energies.

Jetgirl swept through, passing through the five rings and then back high. Each one burst around her and a bubble like pink field spread over her, creating five layers of magical force field surrounding the hero as she flew up towards Grunk one more time.

“Are you nuts!?” Orville shouted. “Are you seriously about to call down an orbital strike on yourself!?

“Please,” Jetgirl muttered, kicking into full burn. “Sky-eye’s at ten thousand feet at the most. It’s hardly Low Earth Orbit. This is just a garden variety energy-weapon airstrike.” Jetgirl fired off all her ordinance, missiles of several varieties launching and aiming for Grunk. They wouldn’t damage him but they’d annoy him, and right now their weight and potential volatility made them a liability instead of an asset.

“Jetgirl! It’s too dangerous!” Turbine Pink shouted.

“Hang on, Mare!” Turbine Red shouted. “Everyone, hold on tight a few seconds more! Give Jetgirl’s plan a chance to work!”

“But the risk!” Turbine Pink shouted back.

“Trust Jetgirl,” Turbine Red said. “She knows what she’s doing!”

“Hope you’re right,” Jetgirl muttered. Her missiles were hitting along Grunk’s back at this point, causing the automaton to grunt in pain and annoyance. As a result, he barely noticed when Jetgirl flew straight into his heterodyne power field, landing on the cowl along his neck over his back and having her boots maglock her into place. The five-layer field Hearth had cast over Jetgirl flared pink as the heterodyne energies tried to burn their way through, and Jet saw her displays go to static again even as she was flooded with pain.

“Jetgirl!” Hearth shouted. “Are you all right?!”

“Oh yeah! Everything’s unicorns farting kittens up here! SKY-EYE! Give me a firing solution now!” Jetgirl felt like her entire body was made out of pain.

The solution appeared on her screen. Damn it – populated building and a bit of the Flying Fortress were still in the blast shadow. “Flying Fortress!” Jetgirl shouted, agony in her voice. “Can you turn this thing pivoting fourteen degrees clockwise!?”

“What?” Turbine Red shouted back.

“Yes!” Violet Turbine Bombardier shouted. “Turbojet thrust!

Thrusters on the Flying Fortress Tankogeneral’s right side fired, forcing Grunk to slowly pivot in place, the firing solution adjusting….

“What is this? Dancing?!” Grunk demanded. “I’ll destroy you all!”

“All green!” Jetgirl shouted. “Sky-eye – fire!” She kicked her PA on full. “Hey Grunk! Star gentle uterus! BOOST BOOST BOOST!

Her maglocks disengaged automatically even as the hammerblow of her boosters kicked in, hurling her away from Grunk and higher into the air, rising at a forty-five degree angle even as the last fragments of Hearth’s wards melted away and a scary number of layers of her base suit had been slagged off. Jetgirl closed her eyes tightly, trying to get as much distance as possible–

The solar lance hit Grunk exactly where Jet had been maglocked, slicing down into the automaton’s back and causing a massive shockwave. Jetgirl was going fast, of course, but the shockwave was faster, hitting her and kicking her away even harder as she tumbled and the world went dark….

The room was dark. Jet was kneeling in a faint pool of light. “Guys?” she asked. “Hearth?”

“You got off lucky this time.”

Jet blinked. She knew that voice. She looked up.

A woman – five foot nothing, slender, wearing a black bodystocking with a white belt and a bob-haircut – stood there, facing away. “You got off lucky. You weren’t prepared. You weren’t you.” The woman turned, the white of the exclamation point logo gleaming on her chest, the batwing mask on her face, the purple streak in her hair – Jet realized it was the exact same shade as the Violet Turbine Bombardier’s uniform accents. “Pull your head out of your ass, Jet. We still have work to do. And wake up before you hit dirt, idiot!

“Ant!” Jetgirl shouted, eyes snapping open. Everything that was remotely a part of Jet’s body hurt, and she realized she couldn’t hear anything but the wind rushing by. Certainly none of her turbojets were spinning.

“Rescue rescue rescue!” Jet croaked out. The auto-rescue should have kicked in but didn’– no wait. She’d aborted auto-rescue before and clearly hadn’t reset that system. It should have reset automatically but given the number of other yellow and red lights on her status board…

Still, the vocal command was hardwired locally. Her gauntlets and boots split apart, falling off her body and burning into chaff and slag. Several plates on what was left of her cuirass also burst off, and an incredibly thin energized metallic blue and silver fabric deployed over Jetgirl, unfurling into a metal-coated fabric plume, a disc suspended under it and connected to the edges with wires. It started to glow with a reddish haze, providing heat. The chute itself was attached to Jet’s pauldrons and back through a standard series of cascades, and Jet reached up to unhook the risers and take direct control of the paraglider. She began a slow, arcing turn. She noticed that her suit had stiffened along her left forearm and her right leg – fractures must have been detected, because they had splited automatically.

“Sky-eye,” Jetgirl half-croaked. “Launch midair resupply two and deploy!” She paused for a moment. “Sky-eye!

“I see a chute!” Jet heard over comms. Turbine Blue, she thought.

“She’s done her job! Let’s finish ours!” Turbine Red shouted.

Jetgirl managed to align the paraglider to see the fight. Grunk was staggering, his back a mass of slag along where the lance had hit. The Flying Fortress Tankogeneral leapt up into the air, boot, gauntlet and back turbines all firing turbojets even as an energy field – the transposition matrix, Jet supposed – caught both Grunk and the Flying Fortress up. “Flying Fortress! Final Run!” The Troopers shouted.

“This isn’t fair! You cheated! You got your big sister to beat me up!” Grunk shouted in that city-wide booming voice. “That’s not fair!”

“Fly free!” the six troopers shouted, and they swept forward into a massive powerdive, seemingly flying through Grunk, who sparked and flared with white sparks and smoke even as the Flying Fortress swept up into the air, spun around, and landed in a three point stance that looked just like Jetgirl’s preferred variation. Behind it, Grunk fell laboriously to the ground, and exploded into light and fire, but caused no harm as it burst into nothingness.

“Yeah!” Jet said, pumping her right arm. In the distance, she saw what looked like a box strapped to four booster rockets flying towards her. “And finally! About time!” She grinned as the boosters split off and unloaded their payloads, gauntlets snapping into place over her arms as Jet let go of the risers and extended them, boots sliding up and rotating into a tight fit on both legs, and a new cuirass splitting apart, even as her current one – still attached to the paraglider – split off. The new one clamped into place even as her new gauntlets and boots fired, putting her back onto powered flight even as the old cuirass and parasail burst into fire, fragments, and slag.

Jetgirl frowned as she looked at the new gauntlets. “Wait a sec,” she said. “These are V-Vector turbojets. This – this is Midair Resupply One, not Two! Sky-eye! I said Two! What was I supposed to do with these, impress Grunk with aerobatics?”

«Sorry!» came a new giggling voice. «Sky-eye blew out when it fired the lance, and did an auto-retract and abort. I was able to hack in and launch a resupply before it kicked into high, but only Resupply One would release.»

Jetgirl blinked. “Falconer?” Falconer was Justice Wing’s digital intellect, which ran coordination and operated the various Justice Wing Volaries around the world. “How did you get mixed up on this?”

“Simple,” Orville said over the comm. “Earhart called her when you decided to shell your own position! Are you completely insane?”

«Jet’s just differently sane,» Falconer said with another giggle. «Amelia was being prudent, that’s all. Jet would have been fine if I hadn’t gotten in – she’d just be parasailing right now.»

“Paragliding,” Jet said, shifting in air. She was beginning to feel the pain, though at the same time even having the dexterity-turbines made her feel better. It was hard to be a jet-propelled girl without jets, after all. “They’re two different– wait. Your first name really is Amelia? Amelia Earhart?

“Of course it is,” Earhart said. “You’ll see when you come in for debrief. You are coming in for debrief, aren’t you? We’re ordering pizza.”

“Whether or not Jet goes to debrief can wait for her to get over here and let me heal her!” Hearth demanded over the comm channel. It seemed he’d stopped brooking any nonsense. “Calling a solar lance down on your own head!?”

“Maxim 20. If you’re not willing to shell your own position, you’re not willing to win.” Jetgirl coughed a bit – a slightly wet cough – but smiled. She looked over at the Flying Fortress Tankogeneral.

The Tankogeneral was facing her. Saluting.

Jet smiled more, though under the full helmet no one could see. She threw a girl scout salute back, then turned and kicked her bootjets up high, skating in air and showing off a little – if she was wearing the v-vectors she might as well use them. She felt any number of aches and pains as she did – the suit could only brace against her injuries so well – but she didn’t stop the move. Style counted.

But that said – time to kick into high and get back to the park. The last thing she wanted to do was go into shock before she reached Hearth. They weren’t going to have that argument again.

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  1. A few typos in this bit. (Hald, cuiress)

    A new ring slammed down around Jetgirl, and gyroscope-style waldos again deployed, even as Jet hald her arms to her sides. Her cuiress, pauldrons, gauntlet turbines and greave/boot turbines all divided open and off, with new ones, laden with heavy ordinance and strike gear, were locked on in their place.

  2. I do love Jet. She’s an engineer hero and I feel like we don’t have enough of those. She’s also not a huge jerk, which, given that Iron Man is the main example engineer hero right now, feels amazingly refreshing. I feel like I can completely root for her without having to dock points or remind myself that, no, she’s a good person, really, like I have to do with Tony, Colin, and Broadhead. I can just …enjoy her. I’m pretty sure I’d feel the exact same way about Centurion. That damn coma though….

    I’d very much love more stories about the Pentad. I feel like we haven’t gotten to know Topaz at all.

    I also like how you poke fun at while lovingly enjoying the standard Power Rangers tropes and such things.

    I don’t think I can definitely say that this one is my favorite of the Justice Wing stories, but only because I haven’t gone back and reread everything and tried to rank them. It’s definitely up near the top of the theoretical list however.

    1. There will be so much Topaz in the future. A) because I love Topaz, B) because Topaz is important to the story in so many ways, and C) because I like being married and don’t want Wednesday to divorce me over a lack of Topaz stories.

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