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Art: Jetgirl and Hearth of the Pentad of Guardians


Keira Holt, heir to both the Holt and Gannet-Moore high technology and aerospace fortunes, spent her life dreaming of the sky. Having become estranged from her mother after her sister’s breakdown and disappearance, Keira attended the State University of New York – Empire City, paying her own way. There she got to be close friends — family, almost — with four other SUNY-Empire students. Keira and her friends were on hand at the King Kurtzberg building when the Skyquake happened — the five helped innocents evacuate the building but were caught within a fractalizing of time and space, causing each of the five to live for years in ‘pocket universes,’ not even remembering their own lives. In Keira’s universe, she was a survivor of a war, locked away in a former factory and base. Learning the base’s technology and establishing an occasional communications link to the sanctuary colony called Oasis, Keira developed her first jet propelled powersuit over the course of year. When raiders threatened Oasis, Keira donned her suit for the first time, flying the prototype across the wasteland and saving Oasis. Only then was she drawn out of the fractal world and alongside the others became Jetgirl of the Pentad of Guardians.

Jetgirl, Blue Point of the Pentad of Guardians, Founding Excelsior and Exemplar of Speed. Savior of Oasis in a World that never Was. She is the Intellect and the Will.


Dorian Jin-Hwan, more usually Dr. Dorian Hwan. A native of Long Island, Dorian Hwan grew up handsome, funny, kind, and more than a little impish. A dedicated believer in the sanctity of life, Dorian ultimately decided to become a doctor so he could help people who needed it. He did his undergraduate work at the State University of New York – Empire City, where he met four others who became the closest people in his life. Dorian was with them when they were caught in the King Kurtzburg building during the Skyquake, and got caught in the same fractalizing of time and space. In his pocket universe, Dorian was remade into an aspirant of an order of ancient magi whose path taught them to harness the very forces of life. After being freed he became Hearth of the Pentad of Guardians. Hearth, Red Point of the Pentad of Guardians, Founding Excelsior, and Exemplar of Speed. Last Mage of his Order from a World that Never Was. He is the Heart and the Healing.

Larger versions:

Jetgirl in flight!
Hearth Emergent!
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