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⎇001JW: The Cheshire Kittens Discography

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As we head closer to actual content returning from Summer Vacation (otherwise known as Summer-Work-Massive-Not-Vacation), here’s a couple of things from the Patreon connected to the Cheshire Kittens. First up — a discography!

As of this writing, the Cheshire Kittens have had twelve albums, two live albums (one a double-album) and one box set compilation. For those trying to place these albums in the Justice Wing timeline — they bridge the transition from Justice Wing: Halcyon Days through Justice Wing: Apocalypse Agenda and finally to Justice Wing: In Nadir. To be more specific — the albums from Cheshire Kittens through Dark After Grey are released before the Apocalypse Agenda, and Just a Sling and beyond are released after it. Just a Sling is released at about the same time as Todd Chapman’s article “Interviewing Leather.”

Before their first album as the Cheshire Kittens, G-Listening and Zephyr Lish released some EPs as ‘Litterkin,’ with Esther Jowls and Allons-Zed playing on the last EP they released that way. None of these are considered albums by the band, though actual copies of the EPs are collectors’ items.

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