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Teaser: Project Corrigendum – The Formation


If you happen to look at the Project Page for Mythic Heroes/023SG, you’ll notice there’s an imprint between The Home Front and The Age of Heroic Intent. That imprint is called Project Corrigendum, and it covers the period of time between the second world war and all its mystery men and wartime supers and the emergence of Goldfish in 1989.

During that period, we know that a certain amount of doubt was cast on the activities of superhumans during the war years. Did Lieutenant Blockbuster or the Wave ever really exist? Or were they actually propaganda to scare the Axis powers? Obviously, there was a preponderance of evidence for the former — everything from hundreds of eyewitnesses to action reports to actual newsreels depicting superhuman feats, not to mention others cropping up here and there.

But it’s not hard to get people to believe in conspiracies and coverups. It’s not hard to get a sense that they don’t know the real story into peoples’ minds. And it’s that doubt… that question… that takes a mundane fact and turns it into a myth.

Project Corrigendum is the story of a baldface lie told to the world — a conspiracy to make people believe in fake conspiracies. A coverup of the lack of a coverup. But such a thing needs organization and support. That’s why it’s a project. And to get organization and support… you need an agency, and you need approval.

Which, in the American of 1950, means you need to talk to a President.

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