The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!

Over at the Patreon (which no, I won’t shut up about because… um… because!) we’ve crossed over into Goal 6 territory, which means that Folios will now include a new entry of The Mythology of the Modern World  as bonus content. (Bonus meaning that the Myth post will not count against the total wordcount of the Folio — it’s just added to the top and the savings is passed on to you!) Also passed on to you? The myths themselves — the myths will all count as Banter Latte content which means they’ll be published here for free as well. Because… well, because! That justification works for everything!

Obviously, the choice of what myths to tell will largely be determined by the Cognoscenti — the people who pledge $20+ specifically to get to tell me stuff like that. But the pool of available myths should be much broader than that. So… either in the comments here or by sending me comments through the form, please let me know if you have any questions that need answering. If you need some idea of what kind of ground we cover with these… well, see the above link!

This is all terrifically exciting stuff, and thank you all for being part of it!

5 thoughts on “The Mythology of the Modern World Returns!”

    1. Heh — an Earworm is a major plot point in “Like a Shot from a Cannon.”

      This is a fascinating thought.


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