Justice Wing, Superhero

Justice Wing: Interviewing Leather — the Arrival Page

So we had a migration one day, and this is where we ended up… and all kinds of navigation had to be left behind — and this was one of them.

But you don’t care. You just want the Arrival Page for Interviewing Leather.

For whatever reason, the paid version of WordPress hates redirecting pages, so clicking the link’s what you’ve got. Sorry about that. I hope your day goes well.

1 thought on “Justice Wing: Interviewing Leather — the Arrival Page”

  1. Nice! When I recommend the story to people, I can link there. Rather than to what I’ve been linking to previously, which is either a counter-intuitive backwards chapter list or Part One which lacks an obvious link to the next part.

    Eagerly awaiting a consolidated and tarted-up version, I would happily buy that on kindle or whatever.


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