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Interviewing Leather, Part Six

Because I love you thiiiiiiiis much, it's the sixth part of "Interviewing Leather." We're actually moving into the first extensively changed/written bits since I started posting this as a serial -- since as you'll recall, the story was unfinished to begin with -- and I hope you enjoy the result. Things are also a bit… Continue reading Interviewing Leather, Part Six


The Songs of Books

It is Mythology Day once again, and today's comes from... [checks notes] um... hm. Super Battle Droid. Look, I'm not going to ask for a clarification. He (or she) might have a blaster. My skin is soft and remarkably unblasterproof. Anyhow, SBD's question is simple. Well, actually, it's somewhat convoluted: What really happens to the… Continue reading The Songs of Books

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A Judgment of History

For those tired of In Nomine fan fiction, I offer up this Nobilis fan fiction, for this our Random Thursday. Nobilis is one of the primary influences on my Mythology series, though it is (generally) a darker take on it. Humanity mixes with the divine, assuming Estates and powers, and entering into a very genteel… Continue reading A Judgment of History

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Death is a Moving Target

Not too long ago, David Malki !, Ryan North and Matthew Bennardo put out a call of submissions for a new high concept short story collection called Machine of Death. The concept was simple. A machine had been invented that would give a simple, albeit mysterious, answer to the question "how am I going to… Continue reading Death is a Moving Target

Justice Wing, Serial, Superhero

Interviewing Leather, Part Five

I'm breaking the Leather story where the scene breaks naturally fall. That mean's this week's is shorter than normal. But then, it had to happen sometime, right? Anyway. Here's Leather. Have fun with her! Because there's nothing more fun than spreadsheets.... In grey midmorning light on a rainy day, Leather looked tired and disheveled. She… Continue reading Interviewing Leather, Part Five


What’s the real deal with gasoline prices?

Today, we have a myth as suggested by a fellow who goes by Channing, who I know by a couple of other names but "Channing" works as well as any. Channing asks: What really is the deal with gasoline prices? Half the time there’s some kind of patent price-jacking going on to coincide with major… Continue reading What’s the real deal with gasoline prices?